Epoxy Effects UVR 7.5kg Resin

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Safety & Technical Information:

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Epoxy Effects UVR two-component polyurethane resin is used to create seamless decorative
stone driveways & pathways. Some of the benefits of our UVR polyurethane resin are UV
resistant, SUDS Compliant, Weed Resistant, Slip Resistant, Frost Resistant, Seamless & Puddle
The UVR Polyurethane Resin System can be specified for both residential and commercial
applications. It is an affordable surface consisting of polyurethane binder mixed with stone
aggregates. This creates a seamless flexible finish, which is both decorative and slip-resistant
whether the floor is wet or dry.
The pot open time is approximately 30 mins at a temperature of 25°c. The “Wet Edge” is
workable for about 1 hour and the screed is cured to the touch between 2 and 3 hours. The
product should only be used between the temperatures of 5° and 45°c. Epoxy Effects UVR Resin
exhibits excellent adhesion to most stone aggregates and gives a strong performance in both
tensile strength and durability.

7.5kg: Recommended Mix Design

Our recommended mix design for the 7.5kg kit is:

75kgs 2-5mm, 25kgs 1-3mm and 6.25kgs of sand – Total 106.25kgs  – % resin 7.06% – Coverage approximately 4.0m2 at 15mm and 3.55m2 at 18mm.

We recommend the use of an accelerator/catalyst to ensure even, consistent curing at temperatures below 15°C.

For further information and detailed steps on the full resin bound installation process, please consult our Resin Bound Advisory Notes.

This product is only recommended for use by an experienced installer and not for DIY purposes, Training is recommended prior to use.

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