Most frequent questions and answers.

If the material you will be pouring Epoxy Effects Resin over is porous such as wood, chipboard and MDF then it is recommended to apply a sealing coat before the main pour.

Doing so will improve the fine pour and help to eliminate warping of the substrate after cure. We recommend using our water-based epoxy primer to seal projects.

Yes you can sand and polish all our resins back to high gloss once they are full cured.

All of our Epoxies are self-degassing which means in most circumstances they should naturally pop themselves.

In saying that if a stubborn bubble persists you can gently run a heat gun over it or a blowtorch to expel the trapped air.

All our Epoxys when cured can be sanded to a satin finish but we also sell our Epoxy Effects PU Topcoats which can be applied within 24 hours of the resin being poured this allows you to have a satin finish as well as benefits such as increased UV Resistance, increased Abrasion Resistance & increased Heat Resistance.

We would recommend always sealing a countertop / floor / table or any other application that is getting consistent use with one of our Epoxy Effects PU Topcoats which come in a range of finishes from Gloss to Satin.

Our Epoxies are of the highest quality on the market and yes they can be used in high traffic areas but without a PU Topcoat they are likely to micro-scratch alot faster and bare in mind will have to be regularly maintained to retain its high gloss finish.

In saying that, if you apply one of our Epoxy Effects PU Topcoats to your finished piece of epoxy it will highly increase its wear / abrasion resistance, and allow much higher rates of traffic as well as increase its acid and alkali resistance to allow it in uses in Bars / Restaurants where alcohol might be spilled regularly.

Yes we would recommend always sealing your finished Resin work with either a Flood Coat which is just a batch of clear epoxy poured over it or use one of our PU Topcoats depending on the desired finish and application of the product.