The Resin Bull are manufacturers of tools specifically for the installation of resin bound stone driveways. The Resin Bull tools have been designed by Specialised Driveways by installers, for installers across the driveway industry. These floats achieve the best results as they allow for greater compaction, comfort and control, because of the dual handles, furthermore they do not leave the grey residue, typical of many other multi-purpose floats. Specialised Driveways and The Resin Bull are regularly called upon by the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors in the resin bound stone industry to demonstrate and teach best practice for floating techniques. In order to get the best results, you can learn these floating techniques at one of our partners training days. For more information about training, please contact our partners listed on the Distributors page. The Resin Bull floats have been described by many installers in the industry as a game changer.