UV Resin, Sand, Catalyst & Glass

UVR Resin

Epoxy Effects UVR two-component polyurethane resin is used to create seamless decorative stone driveways & pathways. Some of the benefits of our UVR polyurethane resin are UV resistant, SUDS Compliant, Weed Resistant, Slip Resistant, Frost Resistant, Seamless & Puddle Free.

C52 Sand

C52 sand is a pure silica industrial sand graded 0.2mm to 0.3mm and used in many applications as a fine dry sand. Available in 6.25kg bags to mix in with resin bound formulations to give increased skid resistance. Or 25kg bags for casting over resin bound surfaces before the resin has set fully to give skid resistance to sloping surfaces or heavier wear areas. Nor suitable for use in resin bonded applications.

Resin Catalyst

We recommend the use of an accelerator/catalyst to ensure even, consistent curing. A catalyst which can be used in conjunction with a two part component polyurethane resin to increase the cure rate.

Anti-Slip Crushed Glass

A fine crushed glass to use to increase the resin bound surfaces anti-slip properties. Used to scatter on the surface of the resin bound surface to add extra anti-slip. One bag should cover approximately 100sqm.