Epoxy Resins

Art Resins

Both our Epoxy Effects CounterTop Resin and Floor Resin can be used as Art Resins used to create a vast range of art from coating existing paintings to add a layer of depth or shine to create Art Resin with the product itself with the use of Mica Powders, Colour Pigments, Alcohol Inks, Epoxy Tints, Glitter, Spray Paint & much more.

PU Topcoats

Our Epoxy Effects PU Topcoats have been designed for use with our CounterTop Resin, Floor Resin and Deep Pour Resin to allow you to pick a shine level from Gloss to Matte that adds an extra layer of protection to your Countertops, Tables, Floors and Art. We recommend always sealing your work with one of our PU Topcoats for added advantages such as: Increased UV Protection, Increased Acid Resistance, Increased Alkali Resistance and Increased Abrasive Resistance.

Starter Kits

Epoxy Effects are here to offer new and existing customers our sample kits to experiment with our resins and to learn how our products work.

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